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Klug Bros., Inc. operates hot mix asphalt production plants in Moundsville and New Martinsville, West Virginia. We produce hot mix asphalt material used in roadway, street, parking lot and driveway construction. Our plants supply materials for the West Virginia and Ohio Departments of Transportation, local cities, municipalities and building contractors for use on highway, street, and various new construction or repair projects. Our primary area of focus involves Ohio, Marshall, Wetzel and Tyler Counties in West Virginia, and Belmont and Monroe Counties in Ohio. In addition to the production of the material, our laydown crew offers complete installation and finishing of the asphalt pavement, along with associated miscellaneous items such as rotomilling services. It is, and always has been our goal to provide the highest quality materials and workmanship available in our area at reasonable, competitive rates. Our company continues striving to give our customers the attention and personal service they've come to expect and enjoy.

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Origin and Reflection........The early years....... 

We would like to dedicate a few lines here in recognition of our Dad, P.M. Klug, acknowledging his contributions and assistance in putting our company into motion many years ago. Dad purchased an old dump truck and a crawler hi-lift in the early 1950s and spent many years performing excavation and utility service work of all sorts, namely foundations, drainage systems and grading throughout the valley. During the 1960s and early 70s, the utility projects such as construction of larger rural water system projects required additional equipment for expanded trench work, pipe handling  and backfilling. Often, as a part of these projects, pavement replacement work would be involved as well. Again, this paving repair work would necessitate more specialized types of equipment needed to do the work. As the company grew and evolved, the paving operations became more and more prevalent, accounting for a substantial portion of its service operations. By 1980, paving had become pretty much front and center. Dad then decided to incorporate and transform Klug Excavating Co. into an asphalt production company. And so Klug Bros.,Inc. was formed. The first asphalt plant was put into service in Moundsville the same year. In 1986, a second plant, assembled in New Martinsville began production of hot mix asphalt. Following official retirement, Dad continued to provide valuable advice and endless encouragement through the years. We will never forget his selfless contributions to the company and our careers. His participation laid the foundation for the ongoing success of the company.  Thank you, Dad. We miss you every day.

A picture of Dad at a family gathering on Mothers Day in 2005. He always had a big smile for Mom. When we were kids, he generally allowed us to do pretty much as we pleased as long as it was legal, and OK with Mom. Along with the excavation business, He and Mom operated Klug Insurance Agency in Moundsville for nearly 35 years. When Mom retired from the insurance business in the early 1980s, she too joined in and helped with running the office at the Moundsville Plant along with our Sister, Mary Kay. And so, it wasn't long before we had the whole family involved. We've enjoyed working together through the years. Perhaps our company name should have read: "Klug Bros. with Sister & Mom, Inc"

Julie, who comes from the third generation involved with the company, has begun managing many of the company's affairs during the past 10 years. After spending some time with Dave and the crew working with traffic control and learning day to day operations, she studied and earned certification in materials and quality control. Working with Karen, a plant operator and certified quality control and design technician who has been with the company since 1991, and with Archie who has operated the second plant for several years and oversees plant maintenance, she acquired valuable insight into the manufacturing process and general plant operations. She coordinates daily with Karen and Archie, scheduling projects, materials, and purchase order sales. Julie has been instrumental in bringing the company into the 21st century with the inclusion of  innovative computer and smart phone technology used in executing contracts, bid submissions, sharing of plans and proposals, permitting and reporting, project bonding and insurance, and a whole array of business and governmental matters.  Communications are vital in today's fast paced business climate. Many tasks which would often require "days" or even "weeks" to accomplish 20 years ago, can now be completed in "minutes" or "hours" with the internet, smart phones, computerized testing and installation equipment, and a host of other unconventional tools.